Why the Benefits of Premarital Counseling Make It a GREAT Investment

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July 25, 2016
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Congratulations, you’re getting married!
Your marriage, and the relationship you built with your partner, is important. It takes time, energy, and commitment to make a marriage work. Sometimes that involves marriage counseling. By taking advantage of the benefits of premarital counseling, you can ensure that the littles issues occurring now don’t become big problems later.

We Love Each Other, Why Premarital Counseling?

Of course you love each other, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things worth talking about. Participating in marriage counseling before you get married can help head off potential problems later on down the line. For instance, counseling

  • Makes sure you are both on the same page regarding key issues: children, money, work-life balance, faith.
  • Encourages discussion of your feelings about getting married, including joys and fears.
  • Ensures that you are both ready for the commitment of marriage.

Identifying and Addressing Stressors in a Relationship

Another one of the benefits of premarital counseling is that it can help you identify any stressors in your relationship. Do you ever feel your partner judges you when you express your opinion? Are you both equally invested in your relationship? Are there been particular issues find yourselves arguing about? These topics are addressed in marriage counseling prior to marriage.

Learning Communication Skills in Marriage Counseling

Premarital counseling effectively teaches you both communication tools to be applied to your life together. For example:

  • Know how to respond appropriately to your partner.
  • Avoid pushing blame onto your partner.
  • Listen more attentively and effectively to each other.
  • Create an open dialogue where both of your perspectives are valued.

Learn to effectively communicate now, before you marry your partner. This will helpfully prepare you, before life brings on the life challenges you will face as a couple. Challenges like raising a child or having to go through a medical crisis.

Learning How to Appropriately Handle Stress in Marriage

Let’s face it, everyone has stress in their lives. Couples have to balance budgets, pay bills, and manage all the details that come their way. This can be really stressful, and for some, the stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors. At the least, you may find yourself snapping at your partner or being argumentative. A more extreme example includes participating in substance abuse and other risky behavior. Marriage counseling can teach each of you to better manage stress and deal with it appropriately.

But We Don’t Believe in Divorce, So Why Get Premarital Counseling?

Because, unfortunately, statistics show the odds of successful marriage are discouraging.  According to the American Psychological Association, between 40-50 percent of married couples wind up divorcing in the United States. This means enduring arguments and hurt feelings and, then, separation. For families with children, the effects can be even more daunting. If you had the chance, why not make an investment in your relationship now to potentially help avoid problems later on?

Where Can We Find a Premarital Counselor?

Many communities, including those in Rexburg, ID have counselors trained in marriage and family therapy. Consult your local directory. There are also marriage counselors who align themselves with varying faith traditions as well. If this is something that interests you, check with your community resources for recommendations.
Marrying your partner is one of the most important decisions that you make in a relationship. Yet marriage counseling doesn’t have to wait until your relationship is in trouble. The benefits of premarital counseling means ensuring that your relationship will last.  It shows that you both are willing to invest in the time and effort now, to ensure a successful future later.

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