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Will My Insurance Pay For Telehealth


Below is a list of insurance companies and their current policy (as we understand it) on paying for telehealth services. To the best of our knowledge this list is up to date and as we receive new information we will update this page. However, we encourage you to please contact your insurance plan administrator for the most accurate, up to date, and reliable information.

NOTE: This content is posted in response to COVID - 19 as a service to our patients and community partners. Integrated Counseling and Wellness does not represent any of these companies and we cannot guarantee this information is correct. Additionally, the insurance companies listed here are limited to those most frequently used in our Idaho and Texas locations.

Last Updated: 3/17/2020

InsurancePlan name/PrefixStatus of Telehealth Coverage
AetnaAetna POS IIMaybe. It depends on the plan sponsor.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of IdahoBlue Cross of Idaho has told us that plans through an employer, will extend covtelehealth services, even if not previously covered.
At this time, this statement does not apply to out of state plans.
Those plans that are self funded, that have not provided telehealth coverage in the past, are still currently not extending telehealth coverage.
Prefix ISUTelehealth is covered ONLY when using the platform MDLive. Our office will not be using the MDLive platform.
RegenceRegence is temporarily extending coverage for telehealth services.
CignaIt depends on the plan/sponsor.
DMBAStudent PlanNot covered
Deseret ValueCovered (Allowable by phone or video)
Deseret SelectCovered (Allowable by phone or video)
Deseret PremierCovered (Allowable by phone or video)
Deseret ProtectCovered (Allowable by phone or video)
Pacific SourceSmartHealthCovered (Allowable by phone or video)
University of UtahHealthypremierCovered.
InsurancePlan name/PrefixStatus of Telehealth Coverage
Blue Cross Blue Shield of TexasTelemedicine/telehealth visits covered as a regular office visit for providers who offer the service through 2-way live interactive telephone or digital video consultations. Please note that on a temporary basis in response to COVID-19, audio-only consultations will be covered when provided in accordance with applicable regulations and rules.
Federal plans beginning with prefix, R.Covered.
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