How to Turn Your Home into a Retreat

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Spending time outside is great for our mental health. In an ideal world, we would be outside much more often than we are. But because so much of our day is spent indoors with work or driving or even in our home at the end of a long day, it is key for our mental health to ensure that the spaces we spend our time in are spaces with positive energy. Turning your home into a retreat can be done in 6 easy ways!

1. Get cozy.

Your home is meant to be somewhere safe and comfortable. Putting out blankets and pillows can instantly improve the good, positive energy in your home, while providing you with a chance at relaxation. Snuggling up with a good book under a blanket is a great way to transport yourself into a calmer state.

2. Throw in some plants.

Studies show that having house plants can benefit your mental and physical health. House plants are able to absorb lingering pollutants in your home and provide you with better air quality, as well as a sense of peace. Certain house plants like money tree plants are known for energizing effects. Plants are known to reduce stress levels and promote productivity.

3. Set some boundaries.

In order to make your home feel like a retreat, designate a space for your technology. Having cords and devices scattered throughout your home allows them to serve as constant distractions. By restricting the convenience of technology, you can better relax and let go of the noise from a stressful day.

4. Consider your decor.

Home decor can play a massive role in the mood of your home. In order to create your own personal retreat within your home, think about your favorite place to be. Is it at the beach? On a camping trip? Somewhere more specific? Look for decor that reminds you of that place. You can take inspiration from colors that serve as a reminder of your favorite place, or you can be more literal and hang prints of where it is that gives you a sense of relaxation.

5. Eliminate the clutter.

Most of us are guilty of holding onto things that we don’t use or need. Clutter builds and it festers, creating a bit of chaotic energy depending on how much clutter there is. Going through your things and really thinking about how it serves you is a great practice to get to the root of clutter, and what you find value in. Sentimental things with no use do not have to go, necessarily. If there are some things that you simply cannot part with, work on finding a space for them. Decluttering can not only make your home feel like a retreat, but it can also help shorten your cleaning tasks at home.

6. Find balance.

The Chinese method of design incorporates the idea of feng shui. This particular method is all about finding balance and peace. Playing with dark and light colors, experimenting with elements of symmetry, all of which relate to the idea of yin and yang.

Transforming your home into an oasis through home decor and simple shifts is easy! With these tips in mind, you’ll find yourself more able to relax in your home in no time!




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