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Telehealth – Online Counseling

Online Counseling is Available For You

Wellness is possible even during COVID-19. However, it can be hard accessing the services you need during times like this. Below is a roadmap to help you understand the steps involved in receiving counseling or psychiatric services online at Integrated Counseling and Wellness. 

As always please contact our office for additional questions as we are happy to walk you through the process. 

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Step 1: Contact us about online counseling and psychiatric services

Telehealth services are a safe and secure way for our clinicians to provide you care from remote locations. If you are interested in these services, please call our office to speak with an administrator who will be able to answer your questions and get you scheduled. 


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Step 2: Consider Insurance

At this time, most insurance companies are adapting to the need for telehealth coverage. However, we always recommend that you call your insurance company to verify that this coverage will be extended to your plan. When speaking with your insurance company, you will need to ask if they will be extending your mental health benefits to cover telehealth sessions. We will provide updates we recieve from a number of insurance plans here


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Step 3: A consultation or a full session?

Just like our in person services, we can provide a free 15-minute consultation or an initial full length session online. If you are wanting to test out telehealth with a consultation before scheduling, we can make that happen! Please inform the administrator you speak with that you would like to begin with a 15-minute consultation, and they will provide you with scheduling options. If you are comfortable with beginning treatment, we are happy to schedule an initial full length intake session.


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Step 4: Intake Paperwork? Easy!

Before your initial intake session, documentation such as consent forms, basic health history, and insurance information will need to be submitted through our client portal. Once you have scheduled your first session with a member of our administrative staff, you will receive a link to our secure online portal, and be prompted to complete the intake paperwork. This paperwork is essential to providing you with the most thorough and beneficial treatment we can provide. If you have any questions while completing your intake paperwork or accessing our portal, please call our office and one of our administrative staff members will be happy to help you.


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Step 5: How to begin your telehealth session

With our client portal technology, a telehealth session can be completed with ease. You will first log into your client portal and select the appointments tab. From there, find the date and time of your appointment and click “start session”. Then, type in your preferred name, hit “join integrated counseling and wellness”, and your session will begin. If you experience any technical difficulties, please visit step 6: Dealing with technical difficulties. But yes, you can always call us if you are having difficulties. After you have done it once, this step gets easy. 


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Step 6: Dealing with technical difficulties

While accessing your telehealth session, you may experience technical difficulties. Your provider has been trained and will do their best to work through these problems; however, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot issues as well.  

  1. Check your browser. If you are working from an IOS device, Safari is the most successful browser to use, and Chrome for those Android/microsoft products. 
  2. Check your connection. If you are having trouble hearing or seeing your provider, check your wifi connection. 
  3. Exit and re-enter your session. If you are having trouble hearing or seeing the provider, exit and re-enter your session.
  4. It may be a bandwidth issue. Conduct a speed test using a website such as 


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Step 7: Paying for your telehealth session

Before starting your telehealth session, you have the ability to pay your amount due through the portal. To pay for your session you will need to log into your client portal account and follow these steps: 

  1. Go to “make a payment” 
  2. Click the box next to the session you would like to pay for and select “make a payment”. 
  3. Enter your card information, and select “Make a payment”. 

All card information entered is protected and confidential. If you have any questions about the amount due in your portal, please call our office and speak to an administrator.


That’s all there is to it! We are here, ready to help you get started. We look forward to taking your calls and providing you with the best care possible.

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