Complementary and Stress Therapy: A Wellness Series for Clients, and Rexburg Counselors

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July 24, 2015
Rexburg Counseling: The Stress Response and Anxiety
July 27, 2015

We have released a series of videos that will help people deal a bit better with stress and mild anxiety. The videos are helpful not just to our clients, but also to people who are not ready to come to counseling and but would like to learn some skills to handle the stress they are experiencing. These videos also introduce some aspects of complimentary alternative medicine and out hope is that other counselors in Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, Driggs, and other areas will use these videos to augment their current process.
As a therapist my goal is to work myself out of a job. Complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) helps me to this. CAM not only enhances the treatment process but it also provides folks the skills they need to stay well longer and come back to counseling less frequently. The old adage of “teaching how to fish instead of giving a fish” is certainly applicable to the role CAM plays in my approach to counseling. Keep in mind that the videos are about wellness and they also offer some tools for mild anxiety but they should interpreted as an alternative to actual therapy sessions.

Topics for this wellness series include: 

The Stress Response

These videos addresses a small but very important aspect of the stress response. The video also talks about how you can identify part of your stress cycle and slow it down. Just understanding the stress response helps make sense of what anxiety is all about.

The Breath

These videos go over the power of the breath and how it can be used to calm or stress you. The breath is a secret weapon to fight anxiety and stress and the videos will teach you the basics for using it to your benefit (instead of detriment).

Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

These videos review some of the most common herbs that can be used to address stress and anxiety. Personally I feel that I get better results when I formulate designed for a specific clients situation however there is no doubt that a well selected simple (single herb) can powerfully help you in your path to wellness. In this video a share some of my favorites.

Turning Triggers Helpers

These videos help or remind folks that triggers don’t have to be enemies. In these videos I tackle some of the most common the triggers we feel physically whenever we get anxious.

Yoga Poses

In these videos we go over some Yoga poses that can also help for dealing with stress and anxiety. The videos will show some poses done by a one of the only certified yoga instructors in the area, my wife, Amie Einerson. These videos are intended for folks already somewhat familiar with yoga because each video only covers a single pose and does not provide a “flow” that puts them all together.
Note: Just because Amie is the only certified instructor I am aware of in the area doesn’t mean that there are no other yoga teachers in the area who are not talented and quality yogi’s….certification is just one thing to look for when searching for a yogi. Training, personal practice, and experience are other things to consider.

How to Understand Him or Her

These videos are based on Relationship Enhancement Therapy and the concepts taught here have over 30 years of research being them. If HE just never seems to understand you, or if SHE just doesn’t makes sense than this series is for you.
I hope this was helpful and please give us a call or schedule an appointment (individual counseling, marital counseling, herbal therapy, and yoga) if you think we can assist you in your journey of getting, being, or staying well.
Kind Regards,
Luke Einerson, LAMFT, AFC
Doctoral Candidate Certified Herbalist
Luke owns a counseling clinic in Rexburg, Idaho and enjoys working with couples, and cases of anxiety and depression. He is also a clinical herbalist and uses herbs to help people gain and retain personal and interpersonal wellness.  Luke is currently accepting new clients and can be contacted here
Warning: This and all of my online posts should not be construed as medical advice. I view my online posts regarding herbs as a form of community herbalism designed to educate folks on local herbs and potential uses—nothing more. Just like anything used in excess or ignorance, herbs can be harmful to your health if not used properly. Especially if your current medications and current state of physical and mental health are not considered. If you are not 100% sure of an herbs safety please see a trained herbalist or take the time to get educated to better understand the herbs contraindications.

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