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November 6, 2015
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So many different yoga teachers, and styles. Which one is right for me?

Something I’ve noticed as I have started teaching yoga is that there are many different preferences, and opinions as to what yoga really is. People are actually REALLY opinionated as that “what yoga is” and what style really speaks to them.
When I started yoga, I wanted nothing but POWER yoga. But, I also noticed that I was getting injured and sometimes felt more aggravated after my yoga practice. I was using yoga as my workout, and dang it, I was going to sweat and build muscle and then lay down at the end _only if I had time_. I wanted to be challenged! So, I bet you can see where that attitude got me. Injured and MORE keyed up.
Yoga and aryuvedic medicine teach us that we have three different types of energy. Some of us are fired up a lot–Type A personalities–tendency to be irritable and anxiety driven. Some of us are more calm–rather sit and do nothing—at ease all the time. Sometimes we are more equalized between the two ends of the spectrum–productive, yet at ease with a nice amount of energy.
Where do you live most of the time? We are not all one or the other, in fact, we move throughout each type throughout the day. Practicing yoga, breath, poses, and relaxation is meant to bring us into the equalized state of being.
So—what does this all mean for What Kind of Yoga YOU SHOULD Do?
If I’m feeling fired up, I might REALLY benefit from a slower, easier restorative practice. AS HARD as that might be—it will bring me more balance where I will be able to act from my best Self. Think restorative yoga
If I’m the type that really likes to sit and lacks energy throughout the day, it would do me some good to work through my breath work and poses more vigorously. Think POWER yoga.
In a group, mixed-level class, I make sure to have peaks and valleys so that everyone gets what they need. However, even if you go to a class that is more vigourous and you need more calm, you can move through the practice with that intention.
Each day is different. At the beginning of your practice—ask yourself what you need (not want) today to be able to be your best self. More CALM FOCUS, or MORE FIRE and WILL?
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