Rexburg Counseling: Identify Your Stress Cycle Cues

Rexburg Counseling: The Stress Response and Anxiety
July 27, 2015
Anxiety Therapy: Anxiety Symptoms Turned to Helpers
July 31, 2015

Many individuals seek assistance from counselors because they realize that they need help in managing daily stress but sometimes all they need is a bit of education and a few tools to curb the stress. Stress seems simple to some, however, for others it becomes a difficult thing to deal with. This post briefly discusses signs of stress and how identifying these signs can help you manage the anxiety it eventually creates.

Think of the Stress Cycle as a Bicycle Tire

You can imagine the stress cycle as a bicycle tire. When a tire is turning around too fast already, it is difficult to stop it by simply grabbing it with your hand. So what do you do?
You use the brake right! Of course you would. However when it comes to stopping the stress cycle we often don’t exercise the same logic. When the stress cycle starting moving quickly we are essentially given the same option to stop it as we are in the bike tire analogy. The first is to just grab it and make it stop by toughing through it. The second option is to gain some tools (like the brake) to make it stop.

Identifying Stress and its Cues

Take a minute to try and identify signals you get that you are stressed or anxious. It could be that your breath gets erratic, your heartbeat increases, you feel your face flush, you get that tense feeling in the neck, you have sweaty, palms and you clench your fists, or you feel like you’re getting an upset stomach. Different people feel different things when they get stressed or anxious. I’m confident that most counselors would tell you that what you feel when you’re stressed is not exactly the same feeling your spouse or others get. However the symptoms of stress and anxiety I listed above are pretty common. Only you can tell what happens that moment you get stressed. You can help yourself by first and foremost being able to identify what you actually feel so you can use them to your benefit.
To learn how to use your cues to slow the stress cycle just take a few minutes to watch the video above.
I hope this was helpful and please give us a call or schedule an appointment (individual counseling, marital counseling, herbal therapy, and yoga) if you think we can assist you in your journey of getting, being, or staying well.
Kind Regards,
Luke Einerson, LAMFT, AFC
Doctoral Candidate Certified Herbalist
Luke owns a counseling clinic in Rexburg, Idaho and enjoys working with couples, and cases of anxiety and depression. He is also a clinical herbalist and uses herbs to help people gain and retain personal and interpersonal wellness.  Luke is currently accepting new clients and can be contacted here
Warning: This and all of my online posts should not be construed as medical advice. I view my online posts regarding herbs as a form of community herbalism designed to educate folks on local herbs and potential uses—nothing more. Just like anything used in excess or ignorance, herbs can be harmful to your health if not used properly. Especially if your current medications and current state of physical and mental health are not considered. If you are not 100% sure of an herbs safety please see a trained herbalist or take the time to get educated to better understand the herbs contraindications.

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