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Anxiety Therapy: Anxiety Symptoms Turned to Helpers

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July 27, 2015
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Discussing Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety attacks can happen to anyone, and although it is normal to feel anxious about in everyday situations it shouldn’t be all consuming. Sometimes there are triggers which indicate that anxiety and stress are coming on. Some of these are physical sensations such as an upset stomach, tension in the lower back, chest, neck, and shoulders. Some folks feel a shortness of breath, have quick shallow breaths, and even hold the breath without know it. All of these symptoms of anxiety can be used as cues that it is time to practice some relaxation, get more rest, eat better, or hang around more positive people.
Anxiety attacks can affect your way of life, your relationships, and your health. The video above reviews some of the symptoms of anxiety and discusses how they can be recruited to help you remember to use you skills to calm and relax and be well.

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