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June 20, 2020
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Thinking that a smartphone app has the capability to change your life by helping you improve your health may feel a bit crazy to say out loud, but when you try it out yourself, you will see that the benefits are there. Medindia’s Lifestyle and Wellness website states that “Smartphone fitness apps have made our lives much easier and healthier. The apps allow us to set goals and make lifestyle modifications.” Today we are happy to share with you benefits that occur from using fitness apps along with some of the best fitness apps and best health apps you may be interested in trying out for yourself. 


Key Benefits of Health and Fitness Apps


Individually Customized Goals

One of the greatest things about health and fitness apps is that you can set goals based on your needs. Depending on your strength, experience, state of health, and desire, the goals that an experienced athlete sets for themself are going to be very different from the goals that a beginner sets for themself. The nice thing is that for most health and fitness apps, you will be able to input your personal health information and be given guidelines to follow that are specific to you. 


You Can See and Track Your Progress

Sometimes the hardest part about setting health and fitness goals is seeing progress. Sometimes it takes a long time to see a physical change once you start a new healthy habit. With health and fitness apps, you will be able to visually see yourself improve and progress as you set and reach goals. Being able to visually see this information on an app is very motivating for many people. 


Easy Way to Monitor *Blank*

Health and fitness apps make monitoring health stats look easy. They can easily monitor things that you would not otherwise be able to track yourself. Some of the monitoring/tracking capabilities that many fitness and health apps include are heart rate tracking, weight loss progression,  daily footsteps, how far you have traveled, your average running speed, healthy meal plans, calorie counter for daily intake, calorie loss during exercise, sleep tracker, learn the habits of your daily routine, and more. 


Receive Free Health and Fitness Tips

Many fitness and health apps provide tips in addition to tracking and goal setting capabilities. These health and fitness tips are often in the form of articles, daily notifications, calendar updates, or even opportunities to join a community of people who are also using the app and sharing experiences. 


Health and Fitness Apps To Try!


Best Workout Apps

  • Sworkit Fitness & Workout App: Exercise for Women, Men, and Kids
  • AllTrails – Hike, Bike & Run: GPS Hiking & Biking Trail Maps
  • Nike Training Club: over 185 free workouts
  • Others to consider are Les Mills On Demand or Peloton type apps


Best Nutrition Apps/Meal Planning Apps

  • MyFitnessPal: calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
  • Lifesum Diet & Macro Tracker: Meal Planner & Calorie Counter
  •’s Free MyPlate Calorie Tracker: Calories, Macros, & Workouts
  • Food Network Kitchen: Live cooking classes & recipes
  • Others to consider are Noom and similar


Best Goal Setting Apps

  • Today Habit tracker: For to-dos, routines & goals
  • GoalsOnTrack: goal tracking and planning app
  • Lifetick: break down your goals into tasks


Best Self-Care and Meditation Apps

  • MyLife Meditation: Stop. Breathe. Think
  • Sanvello Anxiety & Depression: Mental Health, Stress-free
  • Simple Habit: meditation
  • Others to consider are Insight Timer and Calm


Best Health Tracking Apps

  • mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log: Master Your Blood Sugar Level!
  • iHealth MyVitals: monitors blood pressure, BMI, and weight
  • Cardiio: heart rate monitor
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