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Life is crazy. Often we have many things going on at once. Work, school, controlling finances, running the kids around to activities, planning and preparing dinner, taking care of a family member, getting the sleep you need, and the list goes on. There is always so much to think about and so many things to get done. Though we may love throwing a few of our responsibilities out the window, we have to do our best to balance them out and put the important things first. According to a Here to Help wellness module, “Balance means that we can fully engage in what we need or want to do without that nagging guilt or worry that we should be doing something else.” Learning to find balance in life can be especially helpful for those who feel like they run out of energy before getting to the important areas of life, feel that they have no control over life, or are feeling guilty for spending more time in one area over another. 


How to Find Balance

As many things in your life will compete for your attention, finding a balance will bring you the peace you need when making decisions and getting things done. So, how do you go about finding balance in your life? The first thing you should do to find balance is to list or take mental note of the things that are most important to you. Create a schedule or to-do list each week. It is important to recognize that each person may have a different preference for a balanced schedule. For example, some people may prefer having a fixed work schedule, such as leaving work at a set time to avoid staying later than you intended, while others may prefer a flexible work schedule that allows them to work later when they have extra time and then work shorter days to balance the difference in overtime1. When making this schedule according to what is most important, it may be very easy to only think about deadlines from work or school, obligations you have made to attend events or everyday things such as preparing and cooking meals. Though these things are likely of great importance in your life, it is also important that you plan and take the time you need to do things that make you happy and promote your own wellness. It has been stated that “working toward work-life balance can be as simple as prioritizing your own wellness.” 2


How You Can Know You’ve Found Balance

If you’ve found a balance in your life, you will likely feel happier. You will feel in control of your life. Two specific questions that Here to Help suggests you ask yourself to know if you have found a balance are:

  1. When I’ve taken care of everything I have to do, do I have the time and energy to enjoy the things I want to do?
  2. Can I get absorbed in something without worrying about another task or feeling guilty because I’m not doing something else?



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