Five Couples Communications Tips for a Happy Marriage

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Couples Communication: Say Something Nice and Show Appreciation!

In the art that is couples communication, something as simple as saying something nice can go a long way. Doing so helps to demonstrate to your partner your appreciation. Over time, these simple acts can help to strengthen a relationship.
Couples Communication Tip #1: Say “I love you.”
It may sound like stating the obvious, but telling your partner “I love you” makes a difference. Find time each day to say this to each other, perhaps when you are off to work, or going to bed at night. It only takes a second, but it reinforces your commitment to each other.
Couples Communication Tip #2: “How Can I Help?”
We all have days that are stressful and life can seem overwhelming. Ask your partner how you can help, this shows that you are aware of your partner’s stress and are willing to be a resource. Maybe all you need to do is to just be present, but stating that you want to be helpful shows that you care.
Couples Communication Tip #3: “I Can Take Care of That.”
Is there is a long list of chores, errands, or other tasks that need to be take care of? Another way to say something nice and show your appreciation is by offering to take care of some of those tasks on the to-do list. Doing so says that you are willing to contribute to the efforts to maintain the household, and that you and your partner are working together as a team. One idea to consider is using Evernote, which can be downloaded as an app onto a smartphone. The app allows users to create and edit lists, which can help with communicating tasks.
Couples Communication Tip #4: Say “Thank-You” Often
Saying thank-you is one of those basic acts of courtesy that we all learned growing up. Yet, the power of a thank-you can still show appreciation and caring even in adulthood. However, for those who want to add a little flair to a thank-you, the website has some good ideas:

  • Write poetry.
  • Give flowers
  • Send a handwritten letter or note.
  • Use social media (emoji’s!).

Couples Communication Tip #5:  “Can You Teach Me?”
Ask your partner if they can teach you something they are good at or enjoy. By asking to learn from your partner, you show that you value their knowledge and skill and that you are interested in learning about them. For example:

  • Is your partner interested in a hobby such as building models, woodworking, or knitting?
  • Is your partner passionate about a particular sports team?
  • Does your partner like to go outdoors and explore?
  • Is your partner a “nerd” when it comes to history, science, psychology, or a related topic?
  • Does your partner know a lot about computers and programming?

Couples Communication Tip #6: Be Willing to Listen
Perhaps one of the best ways you can show appreciation for your partner is by not saying anything at all and choosing instead to listen. By actively listening, (making eye contact, setting aside distractions, etc.) you are showing by your actions that you are making your partner a priority. You are demonstrating that you care about what they have to say. This can help your partner feel better understood.
Communicating as a couple doesn’t always have to involve long conversations or deep discussions. Sometimes, the simplest statement or question can go the distance towards demonstrating to your partner that you love, care, and deeply appreciate him or her. Over time, these statements help lay a foundation that strengthens your relationship and commitment to each other.

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