What is wrong with me? Could it be your hormones?

Emma Brockway, the “Gentle Warrior”
March 6, 2019
Q&A With Dr. Zhang
March 11, 2019

By Dr. Serge Gregoire

A woman in her 40s came to my office a few months ago. She was complaining about fatigue, weight gain, depression, and especially moodiness (affecting her relationship with her husband and children). She was frustrated with medical testing because every test turned out to be normal, but still, she was feeling sick. The solution that was presented by her physician was to be on antidepressants. She did not agree with this, as she knew that, physically, there was something abnormal with her body. After different conduction tests at Mind Body Solutions, it was determined that her thyroid was the cause of the problem. When given the diagnosis, she was surprised and claimed, “But my thyroid is fine.” Not too shocking for me, as it is known that regular blood work misses more than 50% of thyroid issues. In other words, the numbers are in “range,” but the patient still suffers from hormonal issues.

This is a typical scenario I regularly see in my office. A majority of women are suffering or will suffer from thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances some point in their life. More than 90% of women are suffering or will suffer from a variety of hormonal related issues such as irritability, PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, depression, and headaches, among others. This impacts every aspect of their lives and their family lives, as well. The thyroid gland is a master regulator of the entire hormonal system. It controls the organs from the shoulders to the toes, thereby regulating appetite, metabolism, digestion, body temperature, libido, and other functions. Therefore, a non-optimum thyroid function has a variety of consequences. Medications such as Synthroid or Armor Thyroid are not the solution. The large majority of women still have thyroid issues while taking these medications because they do not address the actual cause of thyroid problems. Fortunately, there is hope for the reversal of these issues. In my office, a personalized nutritional program is utilized to directly address the actual cause of thyroid dysfunction while healing the gland. In doing so, the thyroid works better, and the patient experiences a significant improvement in health.

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