The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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May 20, 2019
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May 29, 2019

Build a Bridge…and Run over It

Human nature is to persevere relentlessly in pursuit of betterment. Whether a battle is
physical or emotional, personal or public, the drive behind the struggle is the sense of
relief and accomplishment at the end. Being able to look back at the journey it took to get
to the top and see the personal progress makes the fight that much more worthwhile.

The Texas Bridge Series exemplifies this symphony of enduring and reveling in a
physical battle. Each fall, thousands of participants conquer personal goals by running up
and over iconic Texas bridges in the Gulf Coast area throughout the course of three races,
organized by Running Alliance Sports with collaboration from local partners. In
September, the Toughest 10K Kemah leads racers through the Kemah area and back and
forth over the Kemah Bridge. In October, runners compete on the Galveston Causeway in
the Toughest 10K Galveston. The series concludes in November with the La Porte By the
Bay Half Marathon over the Fred Hartman Bridge. Step-by-step, runners progress to the
tops of these landmarks, then enjoy the sweet relief of success on the way back down.
The post-race festivities are the premier opportunity to celebrate first races, personal
records, unparalleled accomplishments, and most importantly, the human spirit of being a

Proceeds from the Texas Bridge Series benefit The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc.
The Bridge exists to assist women, children, and men in crisis, particularly those who
have been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, or homeless situations. The
Bridge is the 8th largest family crisis center in Texas, annually serving 20,000 individuals
through residential/non-residential services, community outreach, and
prevention/education programs. The Bridge serves as a support system for individuals
and families rebuilding their lives by providing access to critical services. The Bridge is a
place to be heard, a way to discover options, and a start to attaining personal goals. For
those affected by crisis, the battle is both emotional and physical. Their bridges are not
something to be conquered in a morning. Each step taken by these individuals and the
promise of basking in success is tangible, with the support provided by The Bridge.


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