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April 24, 2019
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Consider New Workout Choices
By the YMCA

At the heart of the YMCA lies the power to transform—both yourself and the world
around you. Healthy living involves more than just working out. It encompasses all
areas of your life, and, when balanced properly, it makes a whole and complete
With our focus going in many directions, keeping our bodies active and healthy
can be a huge undertaking. The challenge is to find a program that will help you
stay motivated on the path to healthy living. One of the most common reasons for
getting off track is boredom in your routine. Challenge yourself by stepping out of
your comfort zone and explore your options until you figure out what works best for
you. Try something new to rev up a stale exercise routine and break out of your
fitness plateau to rise to new heights.
The YMCA, offers a wide variety of exercise choices, as our focus is on
strengthening bodies, minds and communities.
1. Weight and Strength Training – There are many advantages to weight
training. The fallacy is that you have to be strong to lift weights. This is
not the case. Weight training is thought to increase bone density,
which helps reduce the risk of breaks among older adults. According to
a 2014 research study from UCLA 1 the more muscle mass we have,
the less likely we are to die prematurely.
2. Adult Sports League – Participating in a sports league is an effective
way for people of all ages to exercise. It takes the monotony out of
your work out. In addition to staying active, being involved in a sports
league is a great way to meet and make friends that have the same
health goals as you.
3. Exercise Classes – There are many benefits to group exercise classes
that might be missed when you work out individually. Working with an
instructor through a class offers consistency in your schedule and a
safe workout routine that is designed for you by a qualified instructor.
Accountability and the social network that is made is also a huge
4. Personal Trainer – How many times have you set a fitness goal and
not achieved it because you have lost interest or motivation. Through
assessment, trainers provide the personal, hand tailored, fitness
program that will benefit you, individually. They are fitness experts that
will help you learn proper technique, motivate you and hold you
accountable until your fitness goals are achieved.
5. SMART Start Wellness Assessment – is a free tool, offered to all new
members at the Y, which is designed to help in the following ways:
 set wellness and fitness goals.
 get better acquainted with the facility and the many wellness
 get recommendations for appropriate wellness options.
1 Co Author Arun Karlamangla, M.D

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back on your path to healthy living today!

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