Why Couples Therapy Can Help You Lead A Happier Life

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June 14, 2015
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July 6, 2015

Talking. It’s the tenet of psychology that just doesn’t go away, and for one good reason: it works. In fact, it works amazingly well. Identifying the problems and getting them out in the open is the first step to fixing them.

Talk it out…with guidance – Because we all come from different families with different upbringings, we end up with very different ways of dealing with conflict. Some of us were taught (often non-verbally) to ignore a problem and hope it goes away. Others of us were taught that yelling is a perfectly acceptable way of communicating. Interestingly enough, any combination of these communication forms doesn’t work.

This isn’t just important in marriage counseling; we can help new couples learn better ways to communicate with premarital counseling. Come in and find a new way of talking things out, with the necessary guidance from a licensed mental health counselor.

Things finally said: Even when someone is hiding something from themselves, there’s always a chance that a needed truth will come to the surface. But when a couple is hiding something, it’s often intentionally being repressed. Couples therapy gives a safe place where these issues can be discussed.

Where do we go from here? – We believe that there’s a reason you came together in the first place, and if that feeling can be rekindled we will do what we can to help. Sometimes people change so much that there’s simply no chance that staying together will make them happy. And sometimes neither person is willing to admit it. Again, talking it through is the answer.
If you’re having trouble in your marriage or with your partner, or if one or both of you aren’t in the place you want to be, give Integrated Counseling And Wellness a call to find out if our couples therapy might be the thing that gets you both on the right track!

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