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We Ask You The Premarital Counseling Questions That You Don’t Ask Each Other

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Not every service we offer at Integrated Counseling Services deals directly with mental health care. Our licensed professional counselors are also experts in premarital counseling, a growing field that more and more people realize helps get a marriage off to a great start. What are some of the subjects that might come up?

Talk about kids: This is, course, a huge issue. You’ve probably talked about how many kids you’d like, and maybe even compromised on the number. But what are your ideas of disciplining them? And what if you can’t have kids? Will that possibility break you up? Will adoption be an option? Talking a little about it now can save problems later.

Talk about your parents: Chances are good that one of you will be from a divorced home. Maybe both of you are children of divorce, and you just don’t want to talk about it because the feelings it can bring up. Trust us, it’s important to talk through these issues to find out how each of you is entering the marriage. Does one of you think that divorce is never an option? Or perhaps one of you thinks that there’s a fairly good chance that it will happen in this relationship.

Talking about the future: Some people live day to day. And while it is important to live in the moment, there are still times when planning is important. In premarital counseling, we’ll talk not only about your plans, but also about what your partner thinks about those plans. Is he or she on board, or are they secretly hoping that your plans will fade so that theirs can thrive.

Starting difficult conversations today helps to determine how you’ll deal with the same subject in the future. Call Integrated Counseling Services today so that you can arrange to come in for premarital counseling.

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