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The Two Best Books For Your Marriage

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Hold Me Tight

Tiffany Winegar         By Tiffany Winegar, LAMFT


So you’d like to improve your marriage, but where to start? Maybe you are having problems with communication, resentment, sex or having the same argument over and over again. Let me help you sort through all of the content that’s out there by sharing the two books I recommend all of my couples start with (unless the presenting problem involves abuse). Both are written by superstars of the marriage therapy world who both have extensive research and experience to back up what they teach.

Hold Me Tight

#1 Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson

If you want to really understand yourself and your partner and find answers to your relational frustrations, this book is a must! Johnson helps readers to understand their relationship as an attachment bond and how to use this bond to get past the problems in marriage. When you understand your partners’ and your own attachment needs you learn to view your problems from a framework and pattern that makes change possible.

Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work

#2 The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman

This book is a practical guide based on tons of research! Gottman has studied countless couples and shares his findings on what the most successful couples do and don’t do. He also shares easy to understand application ideas so you can implement his principles.


When couples understand, embrace and implement the concepts in these books, they attain the power to truly change.

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