Amy McDougal, Pharm.D

Amy McDougal, Pharm.D

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Amy McDougal is a Doctor of Pharmacy with emphasis training in functional medicine. With functional medicine, instead of putting band-aids on symptoms, you find the root of the problem and fix it. It involves much more emphasis on lifestyle, diet, detoxification, and nutrients and less emphasis on medications. Over the past 10 years, while using the same techniques she can share with you, she has experienced a calmer, clearer mind, less pain and depression, more patience and happiness, and shed over 20 pounds of fat (which have stayed off). She loves to help her patients develop a plan for nutrition and lifestyle that they can follow and that can change their health. She enjoys teaching and learning from patients.

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Pharm.D: Idaho State University Nutrigenomics


Registered Pharmacist, State of Idaho and Utah

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