Making a Difference Through Service

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February 7, 2019

Seeing a Need….Making a Difference!

By:  The Clear Lake Islamic Center

The Muslim American Society (MAS), along with the Clear Lake Islamic Center, has seen a need in the Bay Area and joined together to serve the community.  On the last Saturday of each month, volunteers from MAS and CLIC pick up bags of food from Kroger and deliver these to families in need. It is the goal to reach 600 families a year by giving out 1200 bags of food. Melvin LeBlanc, director of the MAS GIVE program said, “The people are very happy and thankful for the food. They are really surprised when we tell them it is provided by the local Muslim community. We often get comments like, ‘I didn’t know there was a Muslim community around here.’”

The MAS GIVE program has provided the Muslim community with an opportunity to engage and interact with neighbors in an honorable event. The partnership with Kroger to prepare food bags is outstanding.  “When we start giving out the food, the word spreads quickly and within 45 minutes, 200 bags of food are in the hands of our neighbors,” Melvin LeBlanc shares.  

This program also provides a venue for youth to come together and serve the community. It is important for the Muslim community to continue to be involved in this type of activity, which helps support other non-profit organizations. Melvin LeBlanc reflects, I think the greatest impact is with the Muslim brothers and sisters, especially our youth, that have a chance to represent Islam to the local community in a positive manner.”

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