Is Your Marriage Fun? If Not, Take These Steps and Shake Things Up

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Sometimes we get so drawn into the business of marriage that we forget to step back and have fun. We find ourselves too busy with jobs, managing the household, and balancing the needs of children that we forget that being married is meant to be enjoyable too. If this sounds like you, consider the steps below to inject some fun back into your marriage.

Scheduling a Date Night Each Week

Sit down with your partner and schedule a date night on your weekly calendar. Consider it just as important as any other appointment, one that cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. By making this commitment you are sending the message to your spouse that they, and your marriage, are important and a priority in your life.

Try Something New for Fun

Trying something new can help keep a marriage fun by exploring together. Learning together puts each of you on the same level, and can make the experience more collaborative. Some ideas include:

  • Taking a class together, such as cooking lessons. Some places will offer a discount for a one-day trial session to see if you are interested, such as a 2-hour scuba diving session in a pool.
  • Never seen a play together? Why not try out the theater for the night.
  • Visit a new restaurant or café that just opened in Rexburg or the town where you live.
  • Try attending a music concert that is a new style for both of you.

Try Yoga Together for Fun

Attending a yoga session together can be a way to have some fun in your marriage. There are many positive benefits of yoga, including physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Yoga also requires you to slow down and to be intentional with your movements. Make sure that you check with your physician before trying new physical activities.

Cook a Meal Together for Fun

Preparing and sharing a meal together is a great way to have some fun in your marriage. Reserve one night a week where you can cook a new kind of dish. This means that you both can explore together a new food or creation and have a new experience together. One way of doing this is to sign up for a service that mails pre-arranged meals that you can prepare together.

Experience Nature Together for Fun

Another activity that can help make your marriage more fun is getting outside and exploring the natural world. You don’t have to go on a major expedition to reap the positive benefits of being outside. Consider integrating some of the ideas mentioned above into an outdoor activity. For instance:

  • Arranging with a local outdoor company to experience a new activity, such as rock climbing or paddling.
  • Consider practicing yoga in an outdoor setting: in a park, by moving water, or with an inspirational view.
  • Explore areas in your community: visit local hiking trails, lakes, and forests.
  • Create a garden in your backyard and spend time together maintaining it.
  • Walk the family pet together.
  • Cook a meal in an outdoor setting, such as at a local park or in your backyard.

Have Fun Together at Home

Sometimes it is just more convenient to be at home, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun together. Consider having a night where you play a board game. Stay away from playing video games, which means you are both staring at a screen.
Instead, consider playing board games or assembling puzzles together as a way to create fun in your marriage. These more “analog” games require that you face each other, talk to each other, and solve problems together. This means that games are not just fun for your marriage, they also help each of you to develop tools that can be used in other areas of your marriage as well.
Finding fun things to do together is a great way to keep your marriage healthy, but is also great for experiencing life as a married couple. This can help be a reminder for why you both married each other, and that you love each other too.

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