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Stephanie Maughan


Stephanie Maughan

I feel grateful for all those who have navigated paths ahead of me. Some highlights of my training include: becoming a Simply Healed Practitioner through Carolyn Cooper, a WholeFit Life Coach through Jared DuPree, PhD., a fitness instructor, and a Behavior Change Specialist with American Council on Exercise.

Colors Within Us was founded in 2011. I enjoy working with clients in my home office, as well as, across the globe. I also enjoy contract work with Movara Fitness Resort located in Southern Utah, presenting lectures, teaching workshops, instructing fitness classes, and providing private and group sessions.

I have been married for 30 years to my husband Steve, we have 3 children who are now married and having children of their own.

Everything around us, in us, and through us is made up of energy. Through some muscle testing, we may follow the energy to bring various topics to the conscience level, where they can be resolved as we tidy up the energy systems of the body. Each session will follow your unique energy. Soul work involves both the spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves. It is as our heart, and our mind aligns in purpose and priority, that we achieve positive results.

I am passionate about empowering you to create your own unique life masterpiece as only you can, for truly there is a genius in the Colors Within each one of Us.

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