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Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance abuse is a problem that has plagued our society for many years. Glorified in Hollywood and on the television screen, these habits can seem safe and even inviting. Many believe that being intoxicated acts as an escape from everyday problems and even offers a chance at fun that can’t be found any other way. Although substance use can be safe in moderation, once it is overused or taken as an escape, it becomes an issue and can lead to much bigger problems down the road. It is a belief of many that participation in certain substances is classified as an addiction, but there are certain limits that one must pass to reach this category and that is when substance use becomes harmful to the person and those around him or her. Though addiction can seem scary, there is a way out. With the help of a chemical dependency counselor and other health professionals,  there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel.

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What Is Substance Addiction? 

 Substance addiction is defined as the harmful use of psychoactive substances taken in order to alter one’s mental state of being. Substance abuse can lead to addiction, dependence syndrome, and many other mental and physical health issues. Addiction happens when one becomes dependant upon a substance to feel better about various life situations. Many health officials refer to substance addiction as anything that causes: health issues, impairment, failure to meet responsibilities or puts you into a risky situation.  Things such as large alcohol consumption, frequent smoking, or a pill dependency is all considered substance addiction and should be addressed as quickly as possible.      


Different Kinds of Substance Addiction 

Substance addiction is found in many different forms that some people classify as “normal behavior,” but is actually harmful or unhealthy. Caffeine is a substance used by almost everyone, and even this habit can be considered an addiction if not watched over. This substance offers mood and mind-altering capabilities and causes many people to become dependant upon it. Too much caffeine is harmful to your health and is therefore referred to as substance-abusing behavior when not kept within moderate limits. Nicotine is also one of the most commonly abused substances in the world. This chemical causes addiction very quickly and has many side effects that can be vital to a person’s life. Alcohol and hard drugs are also very highly addictive and cause people to become dependant upon them very rapidly. More recently, prescribed medications have become a bigger issue, causing health officials to have yet another battle to fight against substance addiction.

How a Drug Rehab Counselor Can Help You Be Free From Your Addiction

Alcohol addiction counseling and other forms of drug rehabilitation can seem intimidating and even useless to those who have grown dependant upon a substance. Though there are ways to overcome these addictions and live a dependency-free life in the future, it can seem overwhelming and many may not even wish to recover from their habit. Licensed chemical dependency counselors, alcohol addiction therapists, drug rehabilitation counselors, and many other certified people are ready to help people overcome their addiction. Battling addiction is a tricky thing and is a long road. Recovering from these addictions is possible and people can be free from any addiction that is holding them back with the right substance addiction counselors and behavioral disorder counselors. If you or someone you love is looking for help from substance addiction, call us at Integrated Counseling and Wellness to schedule an appointment with one of our certified Substance Addiction Counselors. Those committed to change can overcome addiction and we are here for you.

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