Magnum Morgan, AMFT


Magnum Morgan, AMFT

Magnum attended Dixie State University earning his Bachelors in Psychology and Communications. Later he attended the University of Utah earning a certificate as a Service Social Worker. Currently, Magnum is receiving his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University, a COAMFTE accredited school. The past 6 years Magnum has worked with young adults 18-30 and their families suffering from addiction, mood disorder, anxiety, depression, Aspergers/Autism, adoption, and sexual identity. He also assisted in developing and opening program homes these individuals.  Magnum finds joy and gratitude in helping people become grounded once again and feel comfortable with themselves and loved ones.

Magnum has been happily married for 10 years and has 4 children. They enjoy doing anything outdoors and doing different crafts as a family.


Area of interests include:

  • Couples
  • Asperger’s/autism
  • Depression
  • Parenting
  • ADHD
  • Suicide
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