Felisse Sigman, MA, LPC – Integrated Counseling and Wellness

Felisse Sigman, MA, LPC

Felisse Sigman

Felisse Sigman, MA, LPC

Sugarland Team(8 years)

My name is Felisse Sigman, M.A., LPC ​and I have worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor in non-profit, community health and inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings for the past 8 years. I counsel clients of a diversity of ages, and ethnicities. My goal is to help clients increase feelings of self-worth, and learn ways of taking the best care of themelves possible to manage emotional dysregulation, with coping skills and overall productivity of life satisfaction.

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Master’s Degree: Professional Counseling, Argosy University

Bachelor’s Degree: Psychology, University of St. Thomas

A passion of mine is working with clients who have experienced some form of trauma, whether it be a divorce, custody issue, family mental illness, and issues of crisis such as suicidal ideations, history or suicide attempts. PTSD is a specialty of mine because everyone has been through something. Everyone deserves to learn new ways of living more peacefully in thought feeling and in action, I have kept my Continuing Education Units/hours up to date with both my LPC licenses which require me to keep up on the newest and latest research, workshops and trainings. My hopes are to continue to bring what I have continued learning into the therapy room, to make the best of my therapeutic sessions and relationships. This also helps me keep my roots of systemic thinking refreshed. My experience and training is that everything is connected, and that we all continue to exist with.

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