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Stress is both positive and negative and is considered a normal part of life.   However, when not kept in check, it can be destructive in our lives. Stress is the body’s natural response to challenging or dangerous situations. When stress occurs, it triggers your “fight or flight” response.  Your body then produces cortisol and adrenaline to give you extra “help” to deal with the situation at hand. Unfortunately, stress is only beneficial to a certain point. If stress occurs for too long or is experienced at too high of levels, it will lead to the deterioration of your health and quality of life.

We can help. Integrated Counseling and Wellness- Sugar Land offers professional support for individuals dealing with excessive stress.

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Symptoms and Stress Risk Factors

It is challenging to identify when we are dealing with stress.  The most dangerous element of stress is the widespread effects on cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral wellbeing. Recognizing the symptoms as an extension of your stressor(s) is key to a successful coping strategy. How can you tell if you are dealing with stress?  Some commons symptoms may include: irritability, inability to sleep, self-medicating or substance abuse, anxiety, and inability to concentrate. Those with multiple causes of stress, low -stress tolerance and have difficulty regulating emotions are at risk of negatively experiencing stress.

DEALing WITH STRESS in your life

Although stress may feel overwhelming at times in your life, there is a variety of ways to deal with it.  Dealing with stress will ensure that it does not escalate into a more serious problem. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is the ideal method for dealing with the stressors of life.  However, when that becomes unmanageable, reaching out to a trained counselor at Integrated Counseling and Wellness- Sugar Land can help. With timely intervention, stress can be overcome and well-being restored.

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