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Pornography and Addiction

The wake of pornography and addiction brings sorrow and pain to those it touches. Exposure and the start of pornography and addiction can happen at any time, although, it often starts in childhood and adolescence. There is much secrecy with addiction due to the fear of what the social and relational consequences of disclosure might be. It is not uncommon to feel profound despair, and hopeless as they believe they are unlovable. Pornography and addiction, in turn, affects spouses, partners, family members who also suffer indirectly as their loved one struggles. There is hope and treatment for anyone suffering from this or any other addiction.

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    J Waite
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Helping Overcome Pornography and Addiction 

 Here at Integrated Counseling and Wellness-Sugar Land, we have a trained team of clinicians that will create a safe place for you to get the help you or a family member might need. We take a patient-centered and holistic approach to pornography addiction. This means we take each individual’s biology/chemistry, social/relationships, psychology, and spirituality into account. 

With addiction, the brain becomes reliant on a substance/stimulus that in effect manages stress and releases dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with pleasure) and other powerful neurohormones. Our clinicians will guide you into new connections and pathways that will help break that negative cycle. 

 For many, addiction to pornography can start by accidental exposure or just out of sheer curiosity but this isn’t the reason it stays. Recovery Ranch explained this directly as follows (

“Most porn addicts suffer from underlying emotional or psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Over time they learn to use sexual imagery not for pleasure, but as a way to dissociate from the uncomfortable feelings brought on by their underlying issues and difficult situations. Eventually, pornography becomes the default response for dealing with life stressors and unpleasant emotions and circumstances.”

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