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Family Counseling

Family therapy or counseling is a broad name for a treatment involving many situations and people. Generally, family therapy is meant to help individual family members have better communication and learn to work through difficult and challenging patterns more effectively. There is great power and strength in families who care for each other and are willing to commit to doing hard things with the help of a trained professional. 

Some people view therapy or asking for help as a sign of weakness. They think it’s not for them or that attending family counseling is tantamount to admitting that they’ve failed as a parent or a family unit. Interestingly, many people will recommend it for others who are struggling and will be supportive and non-judgmental when other families struggle through adversity and get help.  It is certainly not true that asking for help makes one weak or “less than.” What if we held the same belief for someone who sought help for diabetes or cancer – it almost seems ridiculous. Family dysfunction and distress happens over time and these patterns end up causing much pain, heartache, alienation and can lead to divorce and loss of the love and affection of children and other family members. 

If your family is suffering. If members are feeling stress, grief, anger, guilt, depression, or any number of feelings that are causing a loss in mental wellness; family therapy can help. That said, not every therapist is a “family therapist” and it is important to make sure that the person you are receiving treatment from is a licensed marriage and family therapist and/or has significant training in working with couples and families as the outcomes for those not specifically trained to work with families are inferior to those have been trained.

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What Are Some of the Benefits of Family Therapy?

It can help you get through tough times

There are no perfect families. Every family has problems, and most don’t deem it necessary to seek out a family counselor. But when the communication or relationships inside the home has broken down, it’s important to seek help from someone outside the home. A qualified therapist is someone who can be objective and has no vested interest beyond simply helping the family reach their goals and heal. 

It sends the message that it’s okay to talk

When families get help through counseling, they learn that it’s okay to talk to each other and can be done in a safe environment that allows for deeper communication and understanding of needs, wants, and desires. Kids who learn these skills while young will find that these coping strategies will help them throughout their lives and in their own families.

It ensures future relationships and rewarding experiences

Ignoring the need for family therapy today could lead to there being no family tomorrow. Much like ignoring blood sugars for a patient with diabetes, the long term consequences are unavoidable without intervention and proper preventative care. If immediate family problems aren’t dealt with sooner than later, the family could suffer irreparable damage.  

Family counseling is pathway toward keeping families together while helping  individual members along the way. Call to schedule an appointment today with a licensed therapist trained to work with your most important family relationships. 

Who should go?

The ways in which counseling can be beneficial to families is almost limitless. Here is a list of situations that family therapy has been demonstrated to help with:

  • Struggling with substance abuse or other drug problems in the home
  • Family members with deep conflicts, struggles, etc.
  • Children struggling in school, emotionally or mentally
  • Families with special needs children, chronic illness, disability, etc. 
  • Struggles of infidelity and pornography
  • Victims of abuse or neglect
  • Struggling with financial problems or other occupational stressors
  • Children with behavioral problems like ADHD, Autism/Aspergers, Toileting problems, etc. 
  • Loss of a loved one, grief, bereavement
  • Families that have gone through trauma or other stressful events or transitions
  • Mental illness in the home, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. 
  • Struggles with in-laws or other extended family relationships

This is not a comprehensive list, just a sampling of the many areas where working with a trained family therapist can be of benefit. There are many other situations where a family counselor could provide significant help to a home, often determined by your personal needs. We invite you to receive a free 15-minute consultation to discover the ways a counselor could help you.

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