What is Integrated Counseling and Wellness?


ICW is an integrated medicine mental health clinic offering counseling services, psychiatric medicine, basic family medicine, acupuncture, and yoga. Counseling services include individual and couples therapy, family counseling, child counseling and group therapy services. Your treatment plan will be integrated by our team of mental health professionals using empirically-based interventions — according to your personal healing and wellness goals.

As a comprehensive treatment center, we offer integrated complementary alternative therapies, including herbal therapy, individual yoga classes, acupuncture, light therapy, biofeedback training programs, nutritional counseling, and cranial electrotherapy stimulation. We may use just one of these therapies or integrate several of them into treatment plans if clinically indicated or desired by the client.


Why Integrated Care?


The concept of integrated care is not a new one. For centuries, those working to provide care and healing to individuals saw the patient as an integrated whole – meaning mind, body, and spirit were connected and needed to be cared for in an integrated, wholistic approach. Due to rapid advances in medicine over the last century and radical specialization and technology – individuals have been seen more and more as fragmented and disconnected parts of a whole. Meaning, in our contemporary healthcare system, there are very few helping professionals (from physicians, spiritual leaders, to therapists) that take a wholistic patient centered approach to care – each attending only to the area of their focus/specialization.

Over the last few decades there have been efforts in primary care medicine (from pediatrics to family/internal medicine) to reconnect the disparate parts again. Instead of an individual or family being seen by one provider and referred outside to another clinic/provider for another need – the providers are located in the same clinic to provide comprehensive care.

Integrated Counseling and Wellness believes that this re-connection of the disparate parts of the individual, individuals to a family, and families to communities are vital to the long-term wellness of individuals and society. We strive to create models of integrative care because we believe this approach best serves our patients, clinicians, community partners, and the families of all those involved.


Our Goal


Our goal is to help you meet 100% of your mental, emotional and relational goals. We are committed to doing everything ethically within our power to help you become as well as you wish to be.


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