Darrell W Lewis Jr, MSW

Lewis jr

Darrell W Lewis Jr, MSW

My name is Darrell Lewis. It has been a privilege for me to be able to assist individuals, families, couples, and adolescents over the last two decades. I love the work and enjoy working with people who are anxious to make their lives better. I have learned much and it has provided me with insight and an understanding heart.

The ability to gain understanding and to have a compassionate heart came from my family. I grew up in a family of 14 children of two original parents. We had lots of trials and very little entitlement. My parents were old school and I thank God for that.

My wife and I have been married for 38 years this year; we have 7 children. The first two children were identical twin boys. They only lived three hours due to limited lung development. The next five who survived until now are first, the oldest two, who are married with 8 grandchildren between them. The oldest is a boy and he is a teacher at a school here in Hurricane. My second child is my first daughter and she and her husband live in El Salvador; he oversees call centers from there. This daughter is adding her fifth child in November. My middle child and third daughter are working and going to school; my fourth child (a daughter) is in school in Idaho. My youngest son and fifth child passed away last October after a strong battle with cancer; he was 18. As a family, we love camping, hiking, swimming, movies, cookouts, road trips, and being together.

I was a landscaper for my first career, and I loved it very much; however, I spent a lot of my off-hours counseling troubled marriages and troubled teens. One day, my wife came to me and said you need to do what God sent you here to do. I experienced that as sound counsel so I sold my landscape and yard maintenance business and went to school. I started working in institutions that would give me experience and really let me know if this is what I want to do and it was. The rest is history. I have worked in residential, mental health, and state facilities. I have done coaching and consulting work and now I am happy to continue to work with people who are in need of my services. I earned an associate’s degree from Dixie College and a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from UNLV. I completed my graduate work at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania and received a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.

I am very happy to be working with the professionals at St. George Center for Couples and Families, and look forward to working with you.

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