Treatment for PTSD: Understand and Overcome Your Childhood Trauma

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August 15, 2016
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When you were young, did you experience a childhood trauma? Have those memories continued to haunt you into adulthood? Untreated, trauma can have a negative impact on your life and relationships. Conversely, by getting treatment for PTSD, you can find closure from your childhood trauma and move forward with your life.

Recognizing that You Experienced a Childhood Trauma

The first step towards understanding your childhood trauma is recognizing that something actually happened.  For some, that may be obvious, such as witnessing or experiencing a violent act (robbery, car accident, terrorism).  For others it could be an abusive relationship with a parent.  Whatever the case, being aware that something happened, and that it still affects you today, can help with your treatment for PTSD.

Part of treatment for PTSD, especially for childhood trauma, is recognizing that it wasn’t your fault

What is PTSD in Relationship to Childhood Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a condition in which you continue to relive a traumatic event, even if it has been years since it occurred. The brain never gets a chance to heal, it is still in “survival mode.” This can make it difficult for someone suffering from PTSD to feel like they can live a normal life. One may believe that there is danger present when it doesn’t exist. Or experience a particular sound, smell, or event that is unrelated to their trauma  but still triggers a memory.

Working with a Therapist to Resolve Childhood Trauma

When seeking treatment for PTSD, consider working with a therapist who specializes in PTSD and trauma therapy. Your therapist will understand that PTSD is a difficult condition and provide specific techniques to address it. Most importantly, your therapist can create a safe environment where you can express yourself freely, and without judgement.  There are resources for counseling services in Rexburg, Idaho to assist you. 

Overcoming the Guilt Associated with Childhood Trauma

When you are struggling with childhood trauma perhaps you are thinking:

  • That somehow you could have prevented the traumatic event.
  • That you are responsible for the trauma occurring.
  • That you are not important as a person.

Part of treatment for PTSD, especially for childhood trauma, is recognizing that it wasn’t your fault. After all, you were a child at the time. You can’t be responsible for someone else’s actions. Your therapist can help you work through this process.

Exposure Therapy for Treatment for PTSD

One method therapists use is exposure therapy. This is where a traumatized individual is gradually, under controlled circumstances, exposed to memory triggers. This could be as simple as closing your eyes and describing a memory. In other instances, you might be exposed to a sound, smell, or an object that reminds you of your trauma. As you experience the memory, you talk with your therapist to process what is happening. The idea is that, over time, your mind will be able to recognize that you are no longer in that dangerous situation and relax.

Treating Other Issues Related to Childhood Trauma

When receiving treatment for PTSD connected to childhood trauma, other issues may arise that need to be resolved too. For instance:

  • Depression
  • Unstable living situations.
  • Substance abuse such as alcohol or drug use.

These other issues can be addressed as you begin to understand and heal from your childhood trauma.

Finding Support for Healing Childhood Trauma

Your therapist is not the only support you can utilize when healing from childhood trauma and other mental health issues too. Whether it’s in Rexburg, ID or a larger community, there are support groups for PTSD and related issues. There may also be government and non-profit services available too.
Treatment for PTSD is important for resolving issues related to childhood trauma. With support from a therapist and peers you can begin to understand what happened, and begin the process of closure.
It’s possible to lead a healthy life and overcome childhood trauma well.

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