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Matt Barkdull, LMFT


Matt Barkdull, LMFT

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Matthew Dean Barkdull is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified medical family therapist, and is a level one certified WholeFIT provider. He also holds an MBA with emphasis in strategic management. Matthew has had nearly 20 years of experience in the social service, mental health, and training/motivational speaking industries. His previous professional experience involved mental health administration and health officer responsibilities, laboring in large non-profit organizations, program managing worldwide wellness initiatives, and authoring books, magazine articles, book chapters, and research on various wellness, mental health, and inspirational subjects. Within the last decade, Mr. Barkdull’s research interests have gravitated to how an integrated, systemic approach to treatment can hasten healing and slow disease progression. This research has culminated into Mr. Barkdull founding of the Wholeness Integrated Solutions framework of care. Of note, he is a cancer survivor, the recipient of two kidney transplants (and on dialysis for three years), survived a severe form of West Nile infection, and was born with severe hemophilia–a rare blood clotting disorder. Therefore, his treatment approach to the human condition of suffering and heartache is rich with empathy, genuineness, strengths focused, collaboration, hope and, of course, a little humor. His clinical interests include working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, bereavement, pornography or other sexually-based addictions, marital difficulties, patients with chronic, acute, and/or terminal illnesses and their families, adjustment challenges, school difficulties, employment problems, former or current LDS missionaries struggling with mental health challenges, and suicidal ideation. In terms of coaching, he works with medical patients and their families suffering from terminal, acute, and chronic illnesses as well as career, relational, executive, and weight management coaching. Matthew and his wife were married in 1995 and are the parents of three amazing daughters.

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