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Dalton Scott

Dalton Scott

Rexburg Team

Dalton obtained her Master’s in Counseling from Ottawa University and her Bachelor’s degree
in social work from Brigham Young University- Idaho.

Dalton takes an integrated psychotherapy approach; empowering individuals to create positive
neuropathways through curiosity and compassion, resulting in a decrease in symptoms such as
anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Daltons areas of specialty lie in treating trauma, aiding in the development of emotional
regulation, overcoming addiction, and in healing deep-seated beliefs that fuel shame, impacting
self-esteem, self-worth, and self-efficiency.

Through warmth, unconditional empathy and the incorporation of clinical competencies; such as
Compassion Inquiry, EMDR, Internal Family Systems Approach and Inner Child Work, Dalton
aids clients in nourishing their own innate strengths and addressing the barriers to living ones
most authentic life.

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