Angel Naivalu, MSW


Angel Naivalu, MSW

Angel has a unique ability to connect with clients, by understanding their struggles and helping them to create a pathway to obtain their personal goals and desires. She works with adults and teens who want healthier lives and more fulfilling relationships. Educated and trained as a clinical social worker to assess and treat mental health conditions, Angel adds her experience and passion for whole-body wellness into every treatment plan. Clients can expect to learn how to increase and maintain a life of light, truth, love, joy, and peace!

Her specialties include conscious parenting, ego-less relationships, evolving through marital separations and divorce, inner religious conflict (aka exploring spirituality), replacing fear and anxiety with love and peace, overcoming depression, and body image issues.

It’s nice to be heard, but it’s even nicer when it comes with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to support your growth, healing, and happiness. These sessions will effect real change.

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